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Document Conwy – Paul Sampson

Posted on Nov 5, 2014 by in Past Exhibitions

1st December - 31st December 2014

A unique exhibition of theatre based photographs taken during Phase 1 of the Document Conwy Project.

During 2014 The Arts Council of Wales and Conwy County Borough Council collaborated on a project to photographically document the arts and events associated primarily around its main theatres and entertainment centres.

With unprecedented backstage access and under the unique guidance of our own gallery curator, photographer and documentarian Paul Sampson, 'Document Conwy' was born to celebrate and showcase this work to a world audience.

Whilst shows, concerts and events are by their very nature often photographed from an audience point of view, Paul embeds himself within the very framework of the visiting shows and documents the life around the crew, cast and performances.

Presently a selection of continuing work can be seen on the dedicated website Paul is passionate about his work and adamant that it should also have a true physical form, so to showcase this work further, a physical exhibition of photographs has been produced for exhibition in Oriel Colwyn during December 2014.