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Mark McNulty – A Bay View

Posted on Feb 19, 2024 by in Current Exhibition

** Offsite show ** Coed Pella, Colwyn Bay

02/04/24 – 27/07/24

Towards the end of 2023, Oriel Colwyn and The Northern Eye Photography Festival worked with photographer Mark McNulty to create a new archive and exhibition.

Taking direct inspiration from Daniel Meadows and his historic work ‘The Free Photographic Omnibus’ documenting life in the UK in 1973 (on show in the Bay View Centre).

The Free Photographic Omnibus 1973 ©Daniel Meadows

On 22 September 1973, aged 21, Daniel Meadows set off on his long-planned adventure and over the next fourteen months, travelling alone, he covered 10,000 miles and visited twenty-two towns and cities. Parked up in shopping centres and on high streets Daniel ran free portrait sessions for all-comers, developing their pictures overnight and giving them prints the next day.

Daniel photographed 958 people.

A Bay View

We commissioned North Wales based photographer Mark McNulty to work with us to create our new exhibition – A Bay View. During October half-term we set up a free pop-up studio in the Bayview Shopping Centre and photographed passers-by over a period of four days.

Peter & Phythian, November 2023 ©Mark McNulty

We wanted to create an archive of people in our own town, 50 years later in 2023. 

We photographed 307 people.

Jess, October 2023 ©Mark McNulty

This snapshot is our own archive of people and life in Colwyn Bay in 2023. We hope that in another 50 years’ time it can be looked back on with the same affection as Daniel Meadows photographs now are, remembering faces, friendships, styles and fashions… and that the people we photographed can also then take their own place in history.

Julie, Nov 2023 ©Mark McNulty
Lenard, Nov 2023 ©Mark McNulty

See the full set of images exhibited in the foyer of the Coed Pella council building in Colwyn Bay from 2nd April until 7th June. (DIRECTIONS / INFO – not open weekends)

Gintas, Nov 2023 ©Mark McNulty
Vontay & Hannah, Oct 2023 ©Mark McNulty

Maybe you can spot someone you know?