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Long Exposure – Paul Sampson

Posted on May 24, 2011 by in Past Exhibitions

07th November 2011 - 24th April 2012

Theatr Colwyn was built in 1885 and has the honour of being the both the oldest operating Theatre and Cinema in Wales. It is an historic building that has been at the heart of Colwyn Bay since it first opened.

For over a year Paul followed the renovations within the theatre. These images are a result of his unrestricted access over this time. Visiting every week he documented areas and objects that have been lost forever, never to be replaced.

Through these photographs Paul has captured the various areas, items, objects and feelings associated with the theatre‚Äôs long and significant history, preserving its past.

These images capture a bygone life within parts of the theatre. Most of these areas are now gone for good.  It is imperative that we embrace the importance of these images and make them available for future generations to enjoy.


Paul Sampson -