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205 years

Posted on Apr 20, 2015 by in Past Exhibitions

24th April - 09th May 2015

Furthering our support to the continued education of photography Oriel Colwyn are proud to present again this year the last of three, final year degree shows from Coleg Llandrillo photography students.

Each short exhibition will showcase current emerging photographers.


B A (HONS) Creative media - Degree show

"Four mature students, Darren Foster, Sue Vincent, Laura Morris and Mel Tutton . (D.S.L.M) are living proof that returning to adult education will not melt your brain......Going to college will not make you feel old or out of place..... but will help you meet incredible people and best of all help bring out the talents that we all secretly know are present within us".

The group are crowdfunding to raise funds for their exhibition - please take a look HERE if you would like to help.


Darren Foster

As a documentary photographer, finding the beauty in unconventional subjects has always fascinated Darren.

Images in this exhibition are a cumulative collection of work including new final year degree images.




Sue Vincent

As a mature student returning to education after a 40 year gap, Sue’s aim was to use her formal training in floristry to support her interest in photography.

The selection of colours and the way they interact, the forms that are created in floral art Sue felt would influence her work. But in her first year Sue was lured by the darkroom into the world of black and white and the way that contrast replaces colour to define the image.

Combining this discipline with portraiture and Sue’s love of people’s interaction became her photographic world.




Laura Morris

Landscape and documentary photographer, Studying B A (HONS) Creative media at Coleg Llandrillo Menai.

Laura was born and lived most of my life in the north Wales area. This has had a great influence and is the motivation for much of her creative endeavours. There is an abundance of outstanding natural beauty in the scenery of north wales and capturing it has been a life changing experience.




Mel Tutton

This exhibition is a retrospective of Mel’s three years study at Coleg Llandrillo, it maps out the journey he has been on and the landscapes that demanded his attention.





Crowdfunding link (click to view - opens in new window)