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FdA Exhibition 19 – Crash

Posted on Dec 20, 2018 by in Past Exhibitions

11th January - 8th February 2019

FdA Photography Exhibition 2019 - Llandrillo College

At the start of each year, Oriel Colwyn takes the opportunity to support and showcase the group exhibition from 2nd year students completing Llandrillo College's FDA Photography course.

This year we introduce you to work by:


Melody Fish

© Melody Fish


Andrew Haig

"I am a 21 year old portrait photographer based in North Wales, currently studying an FdA in Photography. I have always had a somewhat clinical approach towards portraiture, I focus on the small details and I always create my images with the intent of being aestheticaly pleasing; it’s a style that works for me. I like my images to have a sense of realism whilst also creating a cinematic theme, I believe this combination allows the viewer to create their own story and context.."

© Andrew Haig


Stewart Cutting

My photography has always been a creative escape. I have never been drawn to a single type of photography and as such my photos have always varied. Through study and assignments i found a love of publishing and found a way to combine my images and give them a single purpose.

© Stewart Cutting


Mair Thomas

Mair Thomas local to Llandudno and her exhibition documenting the development of the former Weekly News/ Daily Post and Crossville construction, Mair felt it was important to document the demolition of these iconic landmarks of the area for future generations to be able to enjoy what was there before. The original Daily Post building there since the early 1970's so a sad moment to see these landmarks lost for a new development .Growing up passing them so many times over her life time and for locals and former employees alike to be able to discuss what was there and memories a twist of nostalgia and architecture.

© Mair Thomas



David Williams

"My passion is night photography and long exposure shots. I love night photography as I get to experiment and bring the image to life."

© David Williams


also featuring...

Olivia Carmichael


Bradlee Williams