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Darkroom Booking


Our black and white darkroom quietly opened with a beginner’s course in January 2017.

Being part of Theatr Colwyn we continue to work in partnership to arrange mutually convenient opening days and times for the darkroom facility.

A darkroom booking system is available HERE or via the calendar below. The calendar updates with open darkroom sessions as they become available and will take you to an Eventbrite page to pre-book your session.

These sessions are for people with a working knowledge of a darkroom or have attended one of our previous courses. Help and advice is on hand to refresh this knowledge if required.

If you would like to learn darkroom skills please see our beginner courses for tuition, available HERE


Each darkroom printing session is 3 hours in total.

Weekday session times : Afternoon: 2pm - 5pm / Evening: 6pm - 9pm

Saturday session times : Afternoon: 12pm - 3pm / Evening: 4pm - 7pm

So not to interrupt fellow users, these sessions will primarily be for printing.

Film developing is available in the hour before each session. (we have a film dryer if you are planning to then go on to print from these negatives in the following session)


There are 4 slots available within each timed session.


*PLEASE NOTE* - In an attempt to keep costs down, the booking pages below state free -  but there will be a required donation of £6 for each 3 hour session to cover print chemicals. (this is not taken on the booking page but payable at the start of the session via the theatre Box Office on arrival)


  • All printing chemicals are provided - please do not bring your own.
  • Printing paper is not provided, you will need to bring your own RC paper. (we find Ilford papers give good consistent results, other papers are also fine to use)
  • The Darkroom is currently set up for 35mm printing.
  • At present there is an option to print 120 negs on one enlarger, if you require 120 printing please phone to book this enlarger for the session.
  • If developing film, a donation of £2 per 35mm or £3 per 120mm film is required to cover developing chemical costs.




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