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Final Year Show – Dawn Burgess

Posted on Jan 17, 2014 by in Past Exhibitions

17th May - 23rd May 2014

Oriel Colwyn proudly presents the first of three, final year shows from Coleg Llandrillo HND photography students.

Each exhibition will last for one week and showcase current emerging photographers.


Dawn Burgess


"I came to photography later on in life. I have always enjoyed taking pictures but it took a push in the right direction to get me to pursue it full time. I enjoy the calm and ferocity of the world. The landscape will tell you a story if you look at it in the right way. It’s difficult to demonstrate the magnificence of a landscape or a seascape without bringing you there to see it for yourself, so it is my hope that I can do justice to the landscapes and seascapes with the work on the walls around you."

“The land is a living breathing thing and it’s light changes its character every second of every day, That’s why I love it so much.”    - Fay Godwin

"It seems that the more the world changes, the less people stop to enjoy what’s left of this truly beautiful world. We spend all our time documenting the things that don’t matter and when the things that do matter like the natural perfection of our earth are gone, we have little left to remember them by.

That’s why I love this genre of photography.

That’s why I take these photographs."

- Dawn Burgess