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Geoff Wedge – House In The Sun

Posted on Jan 17, 2017 by in Past Exhibitions

2nd February - 17th March 2017



It is unknown for sure how the Welsh town of Rhyl inherited its name but one theory is that Y Rhyl originates from the Welsh words Tŷ'n Yr Haul which, when translated to English means House In The Sun.



Geoff began photographing the West of Rhyl in 2006 whilst studying Documentary Photography at University of Wales Newport. Initially making portraits of the young people on the streets of the town, Geoff continued documenting Rhyl throughout the recent recession years and subsequent regeneration scheme. He continues to engage with Rhyl's inhabitants, including those who have had to move from their homes due to the compulsory purchase orders placed upon them.



Committed to photographing the area of Rhyl with the utmost sympathy, Geoff has done so for the last decade, expanding his work into what has now evolved in to the archive 'House In The Sun'.



A selection of working images from House in the Sun recently previewed at Aberystwyth's THE EYE international photography festival  in 2016,with the full exhibition now being printed especially for showcasing here at Oriel Colwyn.

We are pleased to announce that Geoff is making prints available for purchase, with all proceeds going to support West Rhyl Young Peoples Project.