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Hybrid – Llandrillo FdA Photography Show

Posted on Feb 4, 2023 by in Exhibitions, Off Site Exhibition, Past Exhibitions

** Offsite show **

- Coed Pella, Colwyn Bay

(14th February 2023 - 14th March 2023)

- Colwyn Bay Library

(20th March 2023 - 20th May 2023)

FdA Photography Exhibition 2023 - Llandrillo College


Each year, Oriel Colwyn takes the opportunity to support and showcase the group exhibition from 2nd year students completing Llandrillo College's FdA Photography course.

This year, the show initially takes place offsite in the Coed Pella Council building in the centre of Colwyn Bay (14th February - 14th March), then moves into Colwyn Bay Library (20th March - 20th May)

Introducing you to their work:



Hybrid is the collective name for a group of FdA 2, level 5 photography degree students from Coleg Llandrillo. The name was agreed upon as it describes the mixture of various characters, interests and working style within the group.

This show evidences the various genres of photography that exists within the group, as well as identifying the importance of working together to coordinate a meaningful photographic exhibition.

Hybrid features work from 10 students:


Malcolm Roberts

  •  I am from Capel Garmon in the Conwy Valley and I am a mature student on the Fda Photography Course at Llandrillo College.

    Title - Monument

    a building, structure, or site that is of historical importance or interest.

    I have captured images of structures and site’s that have become monuments to disasters, tragedies and adversity throughout the years.



Caitlin Millership 

  • I like to take fashion images. I have recently started using a projector to project images onto models has been a really fun experience and I love how all the photos I have taken have been coming out. I find using a projector helps me to feel more creative and experimental with taking photos which helps me to produce good quality images that I want to share. 




Rhiannon Williams

  • First off I consider myself an illustrator before a photographer. My images haven't been drawn on however I have made them look like they have been drawn by using a filter over them to have a heavy black and white contrast. I wanted my images to look like a Japanese comic book style as I draw a lot of inspiration from them even for my personal work. 



Hollie Williams

  • I’m a 20 year old photographer currently studying at Colleg Llandrillo , in rhos-on-sea. My current work consists of a mixture of editorial and high fashion along with headshots. I do most of my work from a studio as I love the creative freedom it gives me and I’m very pleased with the work that has come out of it from the past year.




Raymond Dollery

  • I am a mature student, the images are of my journey after going virtually blind in my right eye due to glaucoma that is in both eyes. I also had cataracts in both eyes so I had an operation on my left eye to remove the cataract and have a new lens placed in the eye.




Stephen Atmore

  • I am a mature student who came to photography late in life, my images can be seen as quite abstract, with movement and colour.




Rew Molloy

  • The most recent development in my work is to shift my focus towards ‘skater fashion’. Skaters are traditionally associated with  teenage-subculture and their identity, as expressed through baggy workwear clothing,  perceived to sit outside of the mainstream. My approach is to think laterally and to bring a different flavour to the table. I have tried to reimagine the skater as occasionally belonging to a very different order or group. Young aspirational individuals keen to get their clothes from the gentlemen's outfitters as well as the industrial warehouse.




Anton Kirby

  • I am a photographer based in North Wales and I have recently been working on a project called The Car Graveyard which explores both the important influence of car culture in my life, as well as the slow, but sure, inevitable demise that piston-engine cars will come to in the future. By 2030, it's thought we will all be driving electric cars, which is not something imagined as a child. The roar of the V8, the sound of the cinematic car chase, the smell of racing fuel and sheer acceleration of the fuel driven 4 stroke motor will be consigned to history. This marks a significant transition in the evolution of our world and I can see how history marks all of our lives and this is a part of mine I plan to enjoy for as long as I still can.




Jacob Williams

  • I am a 20 year old photographer/ videographer based in north wales and the project I have been working on is a short film called Soul Stranded. This film explores the meaning of letting go and moving on from lost relatives. This is driven by my personal experience of losing my Grandy. Making the film has been a cathartic journey in some respects, recognising how the loss has impacted on me, but it also been a real learning experience in relation to filmmaking itself.




Carlos Ortiz Casallas
  • I am 20-years-old Colombian Photography Student currently at Llandrillo College in Rhos-On-Sea on my FdA Photography 2nd year. 
    My work emphazise in dark portraiture and horror-ambience environments, most of them made outdoors. My biggest project so far consolidates a "videogame conception" from its artistic concepts and photography.