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The Phantoms of Surrealism – Neil Coombs

Posted on May 8, 2013 by in Past Exhibitions

22 March - 16 May 2013

The photomontage pieces that form the core of The Phantoms of Surrealism project are built around a repeating grid of 15 rectangles into which photographs from a specific location are inserted to form a spirit or ‘Phantom’ of place.

Each Phantom is from a different location and each site chosen either relates to the history of surrealism in Britain or has personal resonance to the artist. The works are both an interpretation of landscape and locus as well as an opportunity to explore the history of the surrealist movement in Britain: how the surrealist landscape is explored, not for its picturesque or romantic aspects but for its psychological and visionary resonance.

As the Phantoms continue their relentless, compulsive progress they will develop a life of their own.

With the Phantom template provided here in various digital forms you are invited to create and liberate your own photomontage Phantom.

Phantom Template (JPG)       

Phantom Template (PSD)       

Phantom Template (PDF)       

Phantom Template (DOC)

Send your creations to or drop them into the gallery for their inclusion into the Phantom's collective consciousness.

We look forward to meeting them...


Neil Coombs is an artist and writer based in north Wales who has exhibited photographic, installation and multimedia work in galleries and festivals both nationally and internationally. His work was recently included in group shows in Turkey, Germany and USA. Coombs ( is also founder and editor of the surrealist journal, Patricide (

The Phantoms of Surrealism is the result of a yearlong project carried out with the support of the Arts Council Wales. A fully illustrated catalogue is available from the theatre Box Office at a reduced price for the duration of the show.

For more information on the Phantom project, visit the blog at


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